Video Purchasing is the new normal since Covid-19 struck.

But how do you buy a horse off a video and ship it to America without becoming a nervous wreck?

How can the risk of an unsuitable purchase be reduced?

Emma has proven she can help. She has happy customers in the USA riding around on their beautiful new horses sourced by Emma.

Emma is very experienced in sourcing and producing horses. She can help in a variety of ways;

• Sourcing suitable horses.
• Pre purchase admin, phone calls etc.
• Pre-purchase test ride.
• Video at every stage.
• Post purchase, Pre flight schooling livery. Option of hacking, XC schooling, Training shows for extra peace of mind.
• Honest appraisal by professional rider to ensure a good match.
• Regular progress calls and videos.
• Assistance in transportation.
• Co-ordinating thorough vet checks by top UK veterinary surgeons.
• Emma works for you not the vendor.

Reduce the risk of an unsuitable purchase, save money – you haven’t a Trans-Atlantic air fare to pay for an unknown quantity.

To find out more about this service please call Emma directly on +44 7976 394601.